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Call Center / BPO industry in Philippines

Prospects and growth

What does BPO – Business Process Outsourcing – mean to you? If your first impression about this industry is of rows of people seated with head-sets and talking non-stop to customers with questions or problems, you are not wrong.

But contact center services – that's how the above is described – is not the only feature of BPO. That's just the business front where you have the customer and technical support services as well as the telemarketers.

There are other opportunities associated with BPOs, such as the back-office operations, where functions like Accounting, Project management, Facilities & Administration management, marketing, market research, finance and technology are provided.

BPO has actually progressed a lot in the past few years and the Philippines is now recognized – together with India, China and Malaysia – as in the fore-front of providing this type of services..

What qualifications do I need for a BPO career?
If you have the experience and working in the hospitality or services industries, or if your specialization is in accounting, finance, legal and technology, you can apply to BPO positions.

BPO companies are also looking for people with linguistic skills. English is the obvious choice of the BPO industry but working knowledge of foreign languages such as Japanese, French or Spanish is an added advantage. But basically, if you know English well, you already have a good start. Filipinos have a natural advantage here because of our close connection to the United States.

BPO positions are also ideal for fresh graduates. For example, if you graduated in an accounting field, you can apply for back-office operations or an internal accounting function. If you are very good at convincing people, you can join the telemarketing team.

What do BPO companies look for in individuals?
Firstly, most jobs require the candidate to possess a good basic degree in any field. BPO positions are the same. Next, good verbal communication skills and the inevitable PC knowledge. Willingness to learn and ability to inter-act well with people of various cultures. And lastly, the willingness to work in shifts because your customers will most probably be calling you from various time zones.

What can I do about my English speaking skills?
Most Filipinos already have acceptable English-speaking skills to communicate with customers from the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada or anywhere else where English is used. Some BPO companies will provide speech training in neutral English so that you'll be understood by most listeners of English.

So what can a career in BPO hold for you? If you are looking for international exposure to global clients and best practices, a deeper knowledge of the area you service and business communication skills, working in this industry can help you along. With BPO set to grow tremendously in the Philippines and increasingly more companies from the United States and Europe setting up BPO centers here, the demand for good BPO staff will always be there and that usually means a good monetary and non-monetary compensation package. BPO is here to stay.

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